Undergraduate Education


       With rich experience, School of Computer Science has established school-running characteristics as follows: special attention has been given to strengthen fundamental theory research, to keep up with the latest academic achievements in curriculum, to emphasize practical experience and to build a practical teaching system. School attaches great importance to form our own learning style. The "Nourishing Rain" Scholarship for freshmen students has been set up to support the goal. School encourages students to learn outside the traditional classroom and to conduct scientific and technological activities. We strive to help engineering majors build humanities accomplishments. Our students have won numerous awards in national and local academic competitions. Special emphasis has also been give to monitor teaching process, teaching quality and teaching standards to reach a satisfactory effect. Moreover, The college also pays attention to teaching according to their aptitude, and individualized teaching plans have been made for top students to help bring their potential to the fullest.

       4 majors are offered at the School of Computer Science: Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering and Data Science and Big Data Technology. Major courses for undeclared Computer Science majors include: General Introduction to Computer Science, Programming Foundations, Discrete Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computer Electric Circuits, Object-Oriented Technology, Introduction to Major Development, Principle of Computer Organization, Data Structure, Data Base Theories and Applications, Operating System, Computer Networks and Software Engineering and so on. Major practice courses include: Programming Practice, Integrated Data Structure and Computing Design and Operation Practice and so on.

       Our graduates satisfy the demands in society and economic construction of Beijing and China. Throughout the years, the rate and quality of employment of our graduates are taking the lead in IT industry. Our graduates are receiving high remarks from their employers in the industry. Their employment rate over the years is as high as 98%, far above the average level of computer science graduates nationwide. They display the following qualities in their working position: strong hands-on ability, problem-solving ability, highly adaptive to new working environment, focused working attitude and particularly diligent. A great number of our graduates have made considerable accomplishments in the industry, becoming leading figures, CTO and other senior executive positions in their works. According to the online statistics offered by IPIN, our graduates rank top 39 in the 2017 Chinese college graduates pay ranking. Furthermore, the Computer Science major is the top of all majors.

       Under the support of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and other universities in Beijing, from 2015, the Computer School has started "joint education with universities in Beijing program" and "joint education with foreign universities program". Through the joint program with Beihang University, the Computer Science and Technology major admits 16 undergraduates with concentration on internet control. In the joint program with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the Software Engineering major admits 16 undergraduates with concentration on cloud computing. In the external joint program with the University of Auckland in America, the Computer Science and Technology major admits 4 undergraduate students. School has also established external joint programs with the University of Auckland, University of Missouri-Kansas City and University of Wisconsin-Madison in America, Athlone Institute of Technology, University of College Cork and Griffith University in Ireland, Anglia Ruskin University in UK and Halmstad University in Sweden and son on. The diversified forms include 2+2, 3+2, 3+1 and 1+2+1 joint education program, graduate and PhD students training, faculty research and advanced studies program and others. Every year, many students go to study abroad in our partner universities and win high remarks from these foreign universities through their outstanding academic performance. Starting from the year 2014, school has also selected over 20 undergraduate students to take part in summer exchange programs to institutes all around the world.

  • Career Opportunities for Undergraduate Students: Study abroad 6%, continue education 6%, volunteer 1%, freelancer 16%, unemployed 0%, signed with work contract 71%
  • Company Categories of Undergraduate Students: Study abroad 6%, continue education 6%, state-owned business 30%, public institutions 8%, small-and-middle-sized companies 50%

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