Undergraduate Education

The school has developed its own characteristics: emphasizing strengthening basic theoretical background, emphasizing keeping course content up to date with the current developments of the field, emphasizing enhancing practical aspects of teaching and building practical teaching structure into courses. The school values the nurturing of style and morale of study, values the “second classroom” for students, and encourages and supports students’ science and technology activities. The school pays attention to the management of educational process, quality, and specifications and requirements to ensure the effectiveness and quality of education. Students graduated from the school possess a solid theoretical foundation in the discipline and have strong ability of practice and innovation. They meet the requirements of the development of the national economy and the society of the country and the capital city. In past years, many students graduated from the Computer School have made considerable achievements and have become leaders in related fields. The average employment rate of the students graduated from our school in the past years reaches above 95%. The quality of the employments has been above the national average for the same disciplines. The students graduated from our school are valued highly by the employers. They have the following excellent characters: strong hands-on ability, fast adaptability to the working environment, and pragmatic working attitude. Currently there are three undergraduate majors – Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, and Network Engineering. The main professional courses of our school include: Discrete Mathematics (Key Building Course of the university, Excellent Course), Data Structure (Quality Course of Beijing Municipality), Fundamentals of Algorithm Design, Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Key Building Course of the university), Operating Systems (Key Building Course of the university, Quality Course), Computer Networks (Excellent Course of the university), Fundamentals of Database Systems, and Software Engineering (Quality Course of Beijing Municipality)


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