Major of Computer Science and Technology


       The major of computer science and technology was previously known as computer software and computer application which began to enroll students in 1978 and were merged into computer science and technology in 1999. It is in the list of state-level specialty and municipal specialty in Beijing and possesses a series of excellent courses.

       This major requires students to have basic theories related to the computer system, good mathematical foundation and logical thinking ability. It also requires them to master the basic knowledge of computer software and hardware system, have strong ability of computer system cognition, system analysis, system design and system application and have computer system concept. They must complete the basic training of engineering practice, work with a broad adaptability and have the ability to be engaged in the computer science research, technology development and the basic ability of teaching and management, including computational thinking, algorithm design and analysis, program design and implementation as well as system capacity. They have to understand the latest development and application prospect of this subject. Based on the general education courses and the basic education courses of computer science, this major sets up computer architecture, algorithm design and analysis, assembly language and microcomputer interface technology, information security and other professional education theory courses as well as Linux system practice, Web application system practice, mobile application system, embedded system, comprehensive practice of computer system project, professional practice, company working practice, and other professional education practice. Supported by specialized courses, this major focuses on cultivating the students' computer system concept and improving their computational thinking, algorithm design and analysis, program design and implementation as well as the system ability through the computer application system practice.


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