Research Overview


       In recent years, the School has created characteristic and cutting-edge subject research directions on the basis of existing subjects, centering information retrieval technology and big data application, voice message information processing and intelligent technology, document information processing and knowledge management, network security system architecture, software testing technology, theory and method of software modeling and other aspects. The school has conducted research in a deep-going way and gradually shaped professional features and advantages. It has cultivated a number of excellent graduate and undergraduate students and gained a batch of achievements in scientific research, which are partially transformed industrially.

       Over the past five years, it has received 4 rewards above provincial and ministerial level, 20 national patents for invention and 106 software copyrights as well as published 543 papers, of which 169 are retrieval papers and 184 are core journals papers. The total research funds reached RMB 40.9 million Yuan.



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