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Software Engineering Research and Development Center


The former “Software Engineering Research and Development Center” was established in 1983 and approved by the former Ministry of Electronics Industry. It was a key institute of the Ministry and the university. The center had carried out many important national research projects during national economic plan periods “Six Five”, “Seven Five”, “Eight Five”, and “Nine Five” and research and development of many military software projects. Many research results of the center were awarded by the nation and/or by Ministries and Commissions. It contributed a great deal to the development of software engineering technology and the establishment of related standards and specifications in our country.

The new university level organization Software Engineering Research Center was re-established in November 2013. The major task of the center is to satisfy the national requirements on software engineering discipline, participate in the research and development of nationally important software engineering projects and various vertical and horizontal projects, serve the IT enterprises as well as university teachers and students with the new technology, and ultimately to drive the improvement of teaching and research standard.

The center is mainly engaged in software engineering standards development, research on theory and methodology of software engineering, software engineering project development, talent cultivation, knowledge innovation and academic publication, etc.


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