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       The predecessor of Software Engineering Research Center was the school-level science and research software engineering research and development center established by Beijing Institute of Information (BIT) in 1979, which used to be the No.2 Branch School of Peking University。 Aided by UNDP (United Nations Development Program), the software engineering research and development center was approved to be a ministerial-level key science and research center by the Ministry of Electronics in 1983. As Beijing Institute of Machinery (BIM) and Beijing Institute of Information (BIT) merged into Beijing Information Science & Technology University, the software engineering research and development center gradually became the science and research institute of this newly born university. This research center was renamed as Software Engineering Research Center of Beijing Information Science & Technology University in November 2013. Ever since the research center was founded, under the leadership of famous software engineering specialists Jia Yaoliang and Zhou Xiling and other previous directors, it has undertaken a great number of works of the National Key Scientific and Technological Project. From "the Sixth Five-Year Plan" to "the Ninth Five-Year Plan," the research center had completed a number of national key technology projects, such as "Software Engineering Supporting Environment," "Research and Development of Software Engineering Technology, Tools and Environment," "Standardization and Application for the Development Environment of Software Engineering," and "Research on Integrated and Reverse System Engineering," and studied and developed several military software engineering projects, which many important software engineering standards originated from in China. The Center have made many achievements commended by the State and ministries, and further considerably contributed to the development of software engineering technology and the formulating of related standards and specifications in our country.

       The center mainly engages in intelligent software engineering technology, formulation of software engineering standards, research on software engineering theory and method, development of software engineering environment, Chinese information processing, information technology standardization, markup technology, and research and application of multimedia technology . Oriented by the demand of the development of the nation's software engineering, the center continues to engage in the research and development of national major software engineering studies and government-sponsored and enterprise-consigned projects, thus providing new technical software engineering services for IT enterprises and teachers and students of colleges, and improving the level of teaching and scientific research.

       In terms of scientific research, the research center has undertaken numerous government-sponsored and enterprise-consigned projects in recent years, including: projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), National Key Research and Development Plan, sub-projects of the national "the Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Science and Technology Support Program, sub-projects of national cultural industries development fund program, etc. In the field of model-driven software engineering, the center has formed its own research characteristic, and accomplished innovative achievements in software visual automation, while it is gradually going toward industrialization.

       In terms of technical services, the center also has independently researched and developed cloud service platforms, such as intelligent programming design, software visual automation, intelligence sharing, MSDaoXue, resource base for JAVA blueprint cases, and featured on-line resources of software engineering. In addition, it has provided college teachers and students and public network users with AI programming assistant, AI coding assistant, program intelligent modeling, document intelligent writing, programming thinking visualization, and other intelligent technical services as well as characteristic courses and teaching resources services of software engineering.

       In terms of teaching, the center also undertakes abundant degree and elective courses for undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in software engineering, computer science and technology and computer technology, including software engineering series courses, software modeling series courses, methodologies of designing model driver program, software architecture, software pattern and reconstruction, etc. In terms of talent development, the center enrolls postgraduates every year and guides undergraduates for scientific and technological innovation projects, graduation design and project development practice.

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