Major of Software Engineering


The Major of Software Engineering is a new major established in the former Beijing Information Engineering College and approved by the Ministry of Education. It started to recruit students in 2004. Currently, it is listed as one of the specialty construction bases of Beijing Municipality. There are about 360 students in the Major of Software Engineering, and this major recruits about 90 students each year.


This Major is aimed to train high level computer software engineering application-oriented talents who have good overall quality and professional ethics, who grasp solid basic knowledge of software and have the skills of software development, who have strong ability in software design, development and testing, teamwork skills, ability to analyze and solve problems, communication, organization, and coordination skills, and life-time learning capability, and those who meet the requirements of development in this professional field.


This major has two directions: Software Development and Software Testing.


The characteristics of this major are reflected in the following: our goal is to train qualified software engineers who meet the requirements of the society and who have the life-time learning capability. To reach this goal, we aim to develop the overall quality of the talents by respecting pedagogical rules while combining activities inside and outside of the classes and emphasizing the training of professional ethics, professional skills, inter-personal communication skills, and system development skills; we strengthen the professional practice and the application of professional knowledge, adjust to the development and change of the society, and line up with international conventions. This major adopts the advanced international engineering educational philosophy aiming to teach personal professional skills (including practice and life-time learning capability), teamwork capability, and system development and testing skills; it puts the training of integrity, professional ethics, and responsibility as the basics and implements the SE-CDIO talent training model by using the software development life cycle as media, using practical and innovative software project design as guidance, and using project practice to promote the study of core knowledge and to cultivate of quality and ability.


Main courses include Team Motivation and Communication, Fundamentals of Programming, Object Oriented Technology (JAVA), Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Model Driven Programming Methodology, Computer Organization, JAVA Based Web Techniques, Principles of Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Fundamentals of Database Systems, Software Modeling Languages, Software Coding Techniques, System Analysis and Design, Economics of Software Engineering, Software Project Management, Professional Ethics and Responsibilities of Software Engineering, Fundamentals of Software Engineering Practice, Practice of Algorithm and Program Design, Information System Design and Implementation, Integrated Software Project Practice, and Graduation Design Project.


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