Major of Software Engineering


       The software engineering major began to enroll students in 2004. It is now the Beijing city-rank major construction site and the pilot reform major of the university. We have the choicest curriculum and the excellent teaching team in Beijing.

       The major is designed according to the needs of the domestic information and software industry, to cultivate applied software engineering talents who have basic knowledge and professional competence in the software engineering disciplines, humanistic and scientific literacy and social responsibility, innovative awareness, autonomous and lifelong learning ability, and the capability of solving complex engineering problems. Based on the general education curriculum and basic education curriculum of computer majors, the major sets up curriculum such as model-driven programming methodology, software testing technology, principles of compilation, advanced software engineering, software project management, and a series of professional education practices such as mobile application development practice, software development practice, comprehensive practice of software projects, professional practices, corporate work practices and graduation design. The main objective of this major is to cultivate the students' personal professional skills, team abilities, and the ability to build software systems. Through theoretical courses and software project practices, students will develop the ability to formulate, design, implement and maintain practical application systems, and promote their core knowledge learning and competence improvement.


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