Major of Data Science and Big Data Technology


       The Major of Data Science and Big Data Technology started to recruit students in 2017 and is one of the second batch of 32 big data majors in the country. This major actively adapts to the "Internet +, Big Data, Cloud Computing" information network industry and other development strategies of the state and capital to serve the big data technology field and industry demands. In addition to the major recruitment, other freshmen can also be selected as excellent students with special potential and specialty to enter the major to study through school selection methods such as application, assessment, and interview. This major relies on the characteristics and advantages of our university's information technology, emphasizing cross-convergence in multidisciplinary and technical fields such as mathematics and statistics, computer technology, and management, integrating our university's superior teaching resources in the field of big data, striving to cultivate a solid mathematical and computer basic theory, knowledge, methods and skills, having a good sense of science and innovation, mastering high-caliber application talents with big data system and platform technologies, big data analysis and visualization technologies, and engineering practice capabilities such as big data development and application in specific scenarios.



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