Major of Network Engineering


       The major of network engineering started to recruit in 2008. It was selected into the third batch of "Education and Training Program for Outstanding Engineers" of the Ministry of Education in 2013; and it started the first batch of undergraduate admissions in 2014.

       All students in this major are trained under the "Outstanding Program". This major is devoted to training the outstanding engineers and professional management talents who have good career development ability and adaption. They have high sense of social responsibility, master the basic theory and knowledge of computer science and technology, possess the thought and consciousness of network engineering, as well as master the basic knowledge, methods and skills of network engineering. Besides, they are basically capable of engineering in network system planning and design, deployment and implementation, security assurance and management, as well as network application and development, etc. Furthermore, they are equipped with the basic abilities and quality in learning and innovation, communication and expression, as well as cooperation and communication required by the engineers. Moreover, this major have offered professional curricula such as data communication basis, development technology of network application, wireless network technology, routing and switching technology, network security and management, as well as network planning and design based on general education and basic education courses in computer major subjects, making students master the relevant technical knowledge and skills in the network engineering field. In addition, the students'engineering consciousness get cultivated and their engineering practice ability get improved through the college-and-enterprise joint and carrying out practical link teaching including the comprehensive practice of network security, network management, network application system development, network hacking and defense, network planning and deployment, network engineering project and diploma project. Through the project practice of scientific research and development, and scientific innovation training projects of college students, the college students' innovation ability of technology and engineering get improved.


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