Major of Network Engineering


The Major of Network Engineering started to recruit students in 2008. It is the only Major of Network Engineering in the universities managed by Beijing Municipality. There are about 360 students in the Major of Network Engineering, and about 90 students are recruited each year.


This Major trains excellent engineering and high level management talents, who meet the requirements of modernization, who are developed in all aspects of ethics, intelligence, and physical strength, who posses fine quality in science and engineering, scientific and rational knowledge structure, abundant professional knowledge in network engineering and strong engineering practice capability, and who can directly undertake the responsibilities of network security and management and network application system development.


This major has two professional directions. One is the Network Security and Management direction, and the other is the Network Application System Development direction.


The characteristics of this major are reflected in the following points: it promotes cooperation of school and industrial corporations in breadth and in depth; it keeps the professional knowledge structure consistent with the needs of corporations for talent; it emphasizes the training of engineering practical skills and innovative capability. By utilizing teaching by examples, project driven teaching, etc, and advanced teaching methods, this major trains excellent engineers who have strong ability in engineering practice and the capability for scientific and technical innovation.


Main courses include: Fundamentals of Programming, Object Oriented Technology, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Digital Logic and Digital Circuitry, Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Fundamentals of Database Systems, Software Engineering, Web Programming, Computer Networks, Routing and Switching Techniques, Linux Network Operating System, Network Engineering Standards and Specifications, Network Planning and Design, Network Programming Techniques, Mobil Internet Application Development, Network Management, Network Security, Network Attack and Defense Technology, etc.


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