The Computer School of Beijing Information Science and Technology University is located on the university’s Jianxiangqiao Campus, which is situated at the Middle Road of the Northern Fourth Circle expressway (BeiSiHuanZhongLu) where the Haidian District and the Chaoyang District meet. It is near the Olympic Park and the High Technology and Science district of Beijing, where there are rich cultural landscaping, numerous institutes of higher education, and a network of transportation routes extending in different directions. The history of computing education at the school traces back to 1978, when the Computer Software Department of the Second Subordinate School of Beijing University (Peking University) was established. Since 2014, all undergraduate majors in Computer School carried out class enrollment reforms, i.e., students are not classified into majors until a year and a half after entering; and the student enrollment in all the majors in Computer School changed into the first class, thus to provide the students with more opportunities to choose appropriate specialized subject.

       The Computer School offers study in four undergraduate majors - computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering, and data science and big data technology. The Major of Computer Science and Technology is one of focal points of the nation’s Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality for special major development. The Major of Software Engineering is one of the majors selected by Beijing Municipality for special major development. The Major of Network Engineering has entered the Excellent Engineer Program of Education Ministry of China. The Major of Data science and big data technology is one of the second batch of 32 big data majors approved by the Education Ministry. Moreover, the training base outside school co-established by Computer School and North China Institute of Computing Technology is one of the nation level talent training bases.

       The Computer School has the authority to award master degrees under the first level discipline "Computer Science and Technology" , and has a master degree awarding unit for the Software Engineering and Computer Applications major. Under the first level major "Computer Science and Technology" there are three second level majors – Computer Architecture, Computer Application Technology and Network Information Retrieval and Content Understanding. Among these, the Computer Application Technology major is one of the key majors of Beijing Municipality and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Network Information Retrieval and Content Understanding major is the special major set by our university.

       There are about 1700 undergraduate students, among whom there are 720 students in the Major of Computer Science and Technology and 360 students in the Major of Software Engineering and the Major of Network Engineering, and 240 students in the Major of Big Data. The school admits 420 undergraduate students each year. There are about 200 graduate students currently; the school admits about 70 graduate students each year.

       There are 81 faculty members and staff members in the Computer School, among which there are 71 faculty members. The school has built an academic team formed by an echelon of discipline leaders, research direction leaders, young academic pillars, and master’s students. The school introduces advanced talents, explores discipline potentials, and fully utilizes the advantage of multi-discipline interaction and integrated application and the advantage of close cooperation with industry. The school has built distinctive research directions in frontier fields based on the existing disciplines. The characteristics and advantages of disciplines in our school have formed gradually centered around information retrieval and big data applications, intelligent Chinese language information processing, information and network security, software modeling theory and methodology, software testing techniques and methods, etc. The school has educated group after group of excellent graduate and undergraduate students, has obtained numerous research results and has converted many of these results into industrial and commercial usage.


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