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Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory


The Intelligent Information Processing Research Institute was established in 2007 and approved by Beijing Information Science and Technology University. Focusing on artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing technology, this laboratory studies mainly intelligent information processing techniques and methods for digital contents understanding. The research directions of the Intelligent Information Processing Research Institute include Chinese information processing, network content safety, web data mining, information retrieval and Question & Answer systems, intelligent storage management and ERP, etc. The research subjects of this institute include the building and processing of Chinese document corpora, the construction of language knowledge bases, the development of Chinese information processing systems, Web document classification and clustering, the monitoring and tracking of unexpected events and emergencies, network content safety monitoring and control, etc.


There is an academic echelon formed with full professors, associate professors, lecturers, and graduate students in the institute. The age structure and knowledge structure of the academic echelon are formed rationally, and the research vitality of the echelon is strong. Fruitful research results have been achieved since the establishment of the institute. The institute carried out 2 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, one Type B Key project supported by Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects supported by the talent training plan of the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, 2 youth backbone projects of Beijing Municipal universities, 2 sub-tasks of Peking University 973 Project, one open funding project of the national key laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Science, and eight other horizontal research projects.


The Intelligent Information research Institute has 100 square meters of research space, ample research equipment and language knowledge resources including over 40 computers, servers, switches, etc., equipment and language knowledge resources such as “HowNet”, “Modern Chinese Grammar Information Dictionary”, “Semantic Dictionary of Modern Chinese”, “Syntactic Parsing Tree Library ”, etc. The institute provides the research facility and experimental environment for students and academic studies. The institute adopts open management and training modes and keeps close and friendly relationships with related research institutes and corporations both domestic and abroad. Currently through research project cooperation the institute builds good relationships with the Computer Language Research Institute of Peking University, national pattern recognition key research laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Language and Culture University, Shanxi Eastern Intelligent Logistic Co., Ltd, Beijing Turing Control Technology Co., Ltd, etc. The institute also sends graduate students to Peking University and Beijing Language and Culture University to participate in cooperative research of related projects. The institute makes effort to develop an academic atmosphere and carefully cultivates outstanding students so that the students can learn techniques and have their research capability greatly advanced.

Major research achievement:

In the last 5 years, the institute has carried on about 20 vertical and horizontal research projects including projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, has received about 3 million Yuan in research funding, has published 56 papers among which there are 23 papers that are SSCI or EI searched, published 2 sets of national “Eleven Five” Program teaching materials and supporting material, and has been awarded 14 national software copyrights.


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